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Business Consultant, Coach, Entrepreneur
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Chris M. Walker is a self-made man.

He left his 9 to 5 more than five years ago to be his own boss, and since then he’s dedicated his life to paving the way to success for established business owners and budding entrepreneurs.

When he’s not busy growing the client base of local businesses through cutting edge internet marketing strategies, Chris spends his time coaching others to build their own online empire.

Chris handles SEO and internet marketing, provides high level business consulting, trains other business owners, coaches students, builds software, and still finds time to stay personally connected to his 100,000+ followers.

Superstar SEO

Chris Doesn’t Just Rank Websites, He Grows Businesses


Any nerd with a laptop and internet connection can figure out how to rank a website, but Chris knows that rankings alone won’t grow a business.

In 2013 Chris founded Superstar SEO, an internet marketing agency that puts his experience with search engine optimization, marketing and web design to the service of the businesses of his home in Myrtle Beach, SC and the surrounding area, as well as clients throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Chris and his team have managed the websites of thousands of clients, from small businesses such as wedding photographers and plumbers, to national chains, large SaaS firms, and everything in between.

As a business owner himself, Chris knows the benefits of SEO and internet marketing for a company, and he’s helped client after client create the perfect online funnel to convert internet searchers into hot leads and happy customers.

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Superstar Academy

Chris Coaches Wantrepreneurs Into Entrepreneurs


Never one to keep his knowledge to himself, Chris launched Superstar Academy as a way to prevent budding internet marketers from having to learn things the hard way.

This comprehensive step-by-step marketing training system guides complete novices through the entire process of ranking websites in Google, launching a freelancing business, starting a consulting agency, growing a Facebook community and much more. Members learn everything they need to start making money online by implementing scalable business practices from day one.

In addition to his paid offerings, Chris coaches thousands of followers 100% free of charge with live weekly Ask Me Anything sessions, regular training guides, and a complete beginner’s SEO video course. Regular updates to his Facebook group, YouTube channel, and blog keep followers connected and informed of best practices in online marketing.

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Chris Empowers Freelancers With an Online Marketplace Like No Other


Looking to fill a noticeable gap in the options available to digital freelancers, Chris created Legiit, an online marketplace that launched in February 2018 and helped thousands freelancers earn more than 6 figures in its first three months alone.

Born of the need for a community-driven platform that provides clients a trustworthy buying experience and helps freelancers to grow their business, Legiit was specifically designed to avoid feature bloat and customer service barriers common to online marketplaces.

Chris’ commitment to helping entrepreneurs achieve success is evidenced by the Legiit Featured Service of the Week, in which a single stand out service is broadcast to the entire Superstar Universe after a rigorous and unbiased review process.

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Chris doesn’t fancy himself a guru.

He’s just a down-to-earth guy who found success online one step at a time through long hours, dedication, and a good sense of humor along the way.

He learned what works and what doesn’t, and he does what he can to share that with others so they can find success too.

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Chris M. Walker

Chris M. Walker is an internet entrepreneur based in Myrtle Beach, SC and the CEO/Founder of multiple online business including Superstar SEO a 7 figure internet marketing agency, Legiit a digital services freelancing platform and online marketing academy to help entrepreneurs learn valuable business skills. Chris owes all of this to his amazing clients, customers, and staff who have made it possible for Chris to use his business to pursue his true passion… helping people and making the world a better place.