His online ventures.

Chris first started SEO in 2012. Since then, he's developed a portfolio of exciting brands that go beyond on SEO. From SuperstarSEO, an SEO education and software hub to Legiit, a global freelancing platform empowering professionals across the globe.


Superstar SEO

Superstar SEO was Chris’ first SEO brand. It developed from a services company with humble beginnings on a freelance marketplace to a 7-figure brand that doesn’t just provide services but also software and education for SEOs globally.



Legiit, is a place where global talent converges with opportunity. This dynamic freelance platform is a haven for both clients and freelancers seeking excellence in their respective domains.

What makes Legiit different?

Innovative features that help business owners outperform competitors, a global pool of world-class freelance, and most importantly a thriving community that keeps it Legiit.


Superstar SEO Academy

Superstar SEO Academy stands as the flagship training program within the Superstar SEO ecosystem. This program has empowered 100s of agency owners to build successful SEO agencies, changing both their and their clients’ businesses.


Legiit Leads

Legiit Leads, a powerful software within the Legiit brand, simplifies lead generation for agency owners.

This dynamic tool streamlines the entire process, from prospecting to email outreach. But what makes it different?

Legiit Leads has an AI-powered problem-solving algorithm that helps agency owners pinpoint businesses with the exact problem their agencies solve. It’s never been easier to close.


Audiit is a user-friendly SEO analysis tool that streamlines site optimization. It swiftly assesses top-ranking sites, providing precise on-page suggestions so that users know exactly how to optimize their page. It’s never been easier to rank than with Audiit.



Snapt.io is the King of URL shortening with industry-shaking features that help businesses drive more results from their traffic. From custom overlays to geo-targeting, branded links, and custom domains, it’s the ultimate link-shortening choice. It’s like the Ferrari of link shorteners and makes expensive alternatives look like a beat up ride without any of the bells & whistles.