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Sorry for the clickbait subject line but it fits perfectly with what we are going to talk about today.

Probably the most important tool you can have in your tool belt for closing a sale is some sort of urgency.

That’s why you see stuff like “ONE DAY ONLY” or “LIMITED TIME” and so on in most every advertisement.

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I’ve known this for a long time and leveraged it… but a recent example really drove home for me how important it is.

As most of you probably know I am doing a good bit of restructuring over at Superstar SEO, including shifting Superstar SEO Academy from a monthly payment model to a 1 time payment model.

I have had an ad running to the $67 offer, had it pinned in the Superstar Facebook group, and sent 2 emails to it.

I have signed up 15x the normal amount of people I normally do in the same time frame.
???THIS IS URGENT!!! ???
Some of them are people that were in previously and dropped. Others are people I have known for years that never signed up… my point being they were well aware of the offer but hadn’t gotten on it until it was about to go away.

Until there was more urgency.

Urgency (among other sales tactics) are a type of pain.

The way you make a sale if to get your prospect to a point where the pain of not buying your product/service is greater than the pain that spending money on it is.

Imagine there are 2 gauges on the prospect. When the “Not Buying Pain Gauge” fills up, or passes the “Pain Of Buying” gauge they will convert into a sale.

Urgency and scarcity raise that bar as fast as almost anything.

One word of caution though. Make sure the urgency/scarcity is real.

Fake scarcity where “This will go away” then it doesn’t go away is one of the slimiest things marketers/sale people do in my view.

So put this into action right away… no matter what you do, you are selling something and this WORKS.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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