If you are a writer: Write.

If you are a singer: Sing.

If you are an actor: Act.

If you are video creator: Create videos.

If you are an entrepreneur: Start a business.

Don’t wait.

Don’t wait until you “have time”.

Don’t wait until you get voice lessons.

Don’t wait until you go to acting school.

Don’t wait until you can afford the right camera.

Don’t wait until you have the capital.

Don’t end up being the person you became while you were waiting to be the thing you claim to be.

Don’t lie to yourself that you just need that next “thing”.

Guess what, even when you get that “thing” you will still have some other “thing” you need.

Just start today.

Write, sing, act, make a video, start a business.

Don’t be afraid of failure.

Do whatever it is you want to do, make it come true.

There is always going to be a reason NOT to do something.

Don’t collect the reasons, just ignore them.

Don’t wait. Get started.

If you act, some day your dream will come true.

Make it today.


Chris M. Walker
A serial Internet Entrepreneur who is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs globally to reach new heights through the power of shared knowledge, community, and operating with integrity.

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