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It seems that everything in modern marketing relies heavily on consistency and marketing, that is kind of unfortunate at times because it means a much heavier commitment to certain things is required to get anything out of them… but we have to deal with the world the way it is, not the way we think it should be.

This also gives us an advantage once we accept it and embrace it.

For example:

YouTube. You have to be consistent with your uploads if you want YouTube to send your videos traffic.

The more often the better, but if you can only manage once a week then you need to be consistent with once a week (every day is even better).

Same goes with pixel based advertising. If you run an ad, you have to let it run for a while to let the pixel get smarter and smarter to better understand who to show your ad too. And if you turn it off you will have to start all over when you turn it back on.

Consistency and Momentum
SEO has similar things, though to a lesser degree. Its important to be consistent with your content output for example, as well as your optimization strategy.

As I said all of this requires a major investment of time and resources… but it is worth it, because most people are going to give up when they don’t get immediate results.

We see this in other places in life outside of marketing and business as well.

If you don’t eat healthy and exercise regularly there will be all kinds of negative health effects for example… everyone knows this… but most don’t stick to it.

I have struggled with this in my life. It is part of why I started this program, to see if I could remain consistent. For the most part I have. I think I have missed 4 days in 3 months. Could be better but I think that is a pretty respectable level of consistency.

So examine things that you do, or need to do.

Are you being consistent and keeping momentum? Do you need to work on it? How can I and the rest of the Profiit Academy Daily help?

Let us know if the Profiit Academy Daily Facebook Group.

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Chris M. Walker
A serial Internet Entrepreneur who is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs globally to reach new heights through the power of shared knowledge, community, and operating with integrity.

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