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So I strongly believe, and I think most would agree, that it is important to give 100% every day. Your customers, your business, your family, and you deserve nothing less. But the thing is, 100% may differ from day to day. One day you might be really dialed in, feeling creative and strong. The next you might barely feel like getting to work. The latter is where I am at today…

I am recovering from a minor shoulder injury so I haven’t slept well, I have a lot of personal errands I have to handle that I have been neglecting and most of the tasks I have in business right now are at the mid point of a feedback loop so I can’t do anything more with them at the moment… and just in general I feel like sitting around watching YouTube rather than doing anything useful. …and that’s ok. I am going to assume most of us can relate to this and have had similar days.

When this happens you need to do a few things:
– Develop enough self awareness to realize when you aren’t at your best
– Forgive yourself when you have those kinds of days and accept that it is all part of the human experience
– Identify if there is a cause (maybe you are over tired, have a cold, have a distraction from your life) or you are just feeling blah that day.

Determine if this is just a random off day, or if there is a pattern. If there is a pattern then address the cause of it. Don’t work on anything important or that requires your most creativity etc… Go do something you enjoy that will get the endorphins flowing… exercise, call and old friend or family member, or whatever it is for you. Just get through it and realize that the best thing about today, is that its almost tomorrow, and tomorrow can be better.

I am not 100% today ?

I want to elaborate on a couple of these points.

First as I said it is normal to have days like this from time to time… but if you find you are having them frequently then there is likely some over arching cause. Take the time to analyze your life… see if there is a financial reason, or a family reason, or health reason you can adjust to minimize the bad days (check out the Life Detox email from last week for more on this) if you still can’t identify the cause… talk to someone you trust.

If it gets bad enough consider professional help. On days like this it is important not to do the high level stuff of your business. Things where a mistake could cost you a lot of time, money, or other unfortunate consequences if you make a mistake. This is a great time to catch up on the crap we all hate doing and put off for more important things… following up on emails, accounting etc… Forgive yourself.

As entrepreneurs there is SO MUCH pressure on each of us to hustle and make every day amazing that, when we have a non amazing day, it is easy to beat ourselves up and let it lead to a spiral. Guess what, you’re only human, it happens, acknowledge it, let it happen, forgive yourself and just make tomorrow a better day.

Do you have days like this? How do you handle it when you do? Share in the Profiit Academy Facebook group.

This may have seem a little woo woo… but I think its an important topic. Self care doesn’t get enough attention in the business community. That said, tomorrow we will be back to some more cool business stuff. I look forward to talking to you then.


Chris M. Walker
A serial Internet Entrepreneur who is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs globally to reach new heights through the power of shared knowledge, community, and operating with integrity.

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