Good morning! Let’s talk tactics.

So the first few blog posts have been about concepts and higher level stuff, which is probably what a lot of these will be. But you also need some tactics in order to keep pushing yourself towards more Profiit. So I will try to once a week give you a specific tactic you can use.

Today I am going to talk about email marketing and retargetting and how they can play together. Email marketing is probably still the most effective form of online advertising. It is free to send emails (more or less), literally everyone online has an email address, it can be highly targeted and segmented to the specific user, and most importantly it is instant… if you have a list of 100,000 people you can reach all or most of them instantly.

No other form of marketing gives you that kind of a traffic surge. But there is another advantage to having an email list and it is the most powerful form of advertising. Retargetting Retargetting is when you interact with a piece of content somewhere on the internet, then you are later shown an advertisement relating that piece of content. This is incredibly powerful for obvious reasons… but there is another way to do retargetting.

Facebook, Google (though they have some pretty high qualifications you must first meet) and some other platforms allow you to upload your email list to their advertising platform, they will then match those emails to their users, and you can show ads to them. So basically its another way to reach people that already like you with things they might be interested in and basically follow them wherever they go on the internet.

Let's Talk Tactics

Whatever it is you sell, you need to incorporate both of these into your business. If you have SEO clients you 100% need to set this up for them. Imagine you have a local HVAC client you have ranked #1. Someone visits their site but, for whatever reason they bounce off the site. If you have retargetting setup you can then show them an ad on Facebook and Google for your client that may make them go “Oh yeah! I need to finish contacting them and get my… HVAC work done” That’s a basic form of retargetting.

Here is how you blend it with email marketing. Now suppose you sell a copywriting service. You can put together a short case study on copywriting, or maybe an ebook offering copywriting tips etc… try different forms of bait. Then run some advertising to that bait and give it to them free in exchange for their email address. You can now send them emails with free content and offers. You can also create custom audiences on Facebook and Google from their email addresses then target them with ads selling them a copywriting course, your copywriting services, or anything else really.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. I know there is a good chance that most people reading this come from SEO… but I want you to think beyond SEO and think about people, what they want, what you can offer them, and how you can get that offer to them as best as possible. You should feel a burning passion to get what you have to sell to the people it will benefit. It should feel like you are doing them a disservice by NOT selling to them.

You should then use whatever tactics work best to get your message and product to them as efficiently as possible, so I hope you will add this to your tool belt right away.

Here are some videos I have done in the past that may help some.

Email List #1

Email List #2


If you would like me to make a video on how to set any of this up or any other details etc… just let me know if the Profiit Academy FB group. That’s what I’ve got for you today, I hope you find it helpful.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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