Good Evening Profiit Academy,

I barely got today’ dispatch to you in time.

I spent the day with my family for the holiday and have been working on getting everything ready for a HUGE weekend on Legiit this weekend!

Since today was Thanksgiving it gives me an easy lay up for what to talk about! ?

If you are in a position in your life that you are able to read this then you probably already have a lot to be thankful for… but how often do you think about it?

How often do you thank people in your life that deserve it?

This could be anyone… family, friends, customers etc…

Thank You

You can never say thank you enough in my opinion. There isn’t enough gratitude in the world.

There are other little things in our life that we aren’t thankful enough for as well.

For example on my way home from my mother’s house this evening it was quite dark and I couldn’t see the road as well as I like… but I was able to drive without problem because of the reflectors in the middle of the road, and the lines on the side.

That was someone’s job at some point to put that stuff in place; it has probably saved hundreds of lives, and I bet no one has ever thanked that person for it… and while I can’t thank them directly I am thankful that they did that so I can go see my family for a holiday afternoon.

Take a look around your life at everything, large or small, and see what you have to be thankful for… I bet there is more than you have ever realized.

There’s no greater form of Profiit than that which gratitude and thankfulness will bring you.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you that celebrate it. Happy Thursday to those of you that don’t.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Chris M. Walker
A serial Internet Entrepreneur who is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs globally to reach new heights through the power of shared knowledge, community, and operating with integrity.

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