Good Evening,

I get approached by a lot of people and businesses that want me to promote their product, test their service, and so on.

It would be easy to just take them all on…

…but choosing the wrong products to promote, and the wrong people to work with can be very damaging to your business.

I am very selective with whom I choose to work with in this regard.

Both of their product, and them personally.

I have made a couple mistakes in the past and I know for a fact that it has cost me long term relationships.

Choose Wisely

While there is no strict criteria there are things to consider:
  • Does the product genuinely benefit your audience
  • Can they really afford it
  • Is the product going to be evergreen… nothing worse than promoting something that the creator abandons
  • Do they offer good customer support
  • Are they likely to give you issues getting your commission
  • How well do you know them as a person/do you trust them to talk to your audience
Of course there is an intangible component too… you just know if something or someone is right nor not.

This doesn’t apply to just JV relationships either. Consider this with any business relationship you enter into… in can change your business and your life for the better, or worse for a long time to come.

Let me know in the Profiit Academy Daily Facebook group if you had similar experiences.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Chris M. Walker
A serial Internet Entrepreneur who is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs globally to reach new heights through the power of shared knowledge, community, and operating with integrity.

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