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Merry Christmas Eve to those that celebrate it!

I will talk about this tactic more when we talk about YouTube because its super lethal there but I want to touch on it now.

I ran a quick “Last Minute” Christmas sale that made us a couple extra thousand dollars.

You can do this for a lot of stuff throughout the year… business milestones, personal events, holidays etc… one of my most successful promotions ever came when the Superstar SEO Group had its first anniversary.

It doesn’t have to be a sale (in fact sales should be done very sparingly)

You can just leverage trends or current events to get people to sign up for an existing offer.

Something like “Worried about the consequences of the 2020 election? Sign up for my free workshop to see how I build 12 tiny websites in less than 30 days and leveraged them to be recession proof so I am safe no matter who wins”

Current Events And Trends

Then just drive them to a webinar, or to book a call with you, or whatever.

As I mentioned it works really well for content creation as well “How the new Star Wars movie killed my business” or something (that’s a bad example but hopefully you get the idea, I will get into this more as we get into YouTube.)

So take a look at the calendar, or at the news, or leverage tools like BuzzSumo (my favorite SaaS ever I think) and see what is coming up and how you can use it to grow your business, or give yourself a raise.

If you are clever there is something every week you can use to keep yourself fresh and keep the funds flowing into your business.

I’d love to hear some ideas you have on this in the Profiit Academy Daily Facebook group.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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