Good Afternoon Everyone!

First I apologize for missing yesterday. I have no excuse, but I will try not to let it happen again.

So yesterday I had a very difficult customer on Legiit.

He was upset that we don’t provide the URLs for the PBN links we build on my ranking rocket service.

When he brought it up we calmly explained to him that it was done for his privacy and protection, as well as our own.

I also showed him that not only do we explicitly state it on the sales page where he bought it from, we confirm again in the service instructions that they are ok with it… a question to which he answered yes.

None of that mattered to him.

As I explained it more, and he saw I was right, he unfortunately couldn’t let it go and his cognitive dissonance kicked in and he kept coming up with different reasons why it was bad, that the whole site was full of scammers he had seen elsewhere, that he would “let people know” about the site and so on.

After which he left me a review saying to watch out for me because I was “very shady”.

Now obviously I didn’t like that.

Dealing With Difficult Customers...

My instinct was to lash out at him, insult him and just generally fight fire with fire.
My next instinct was to just ignore it.

But I decided to handle it rationally and minimize the damage.

So I responded like this:

So I essentially made my case again, along with evidence in a non confrontational manner (this was for the benefit of others looking at it, not him)

Then wished him success from the links even though he was unhappy, and finally wished him well in general.

(If I am being 100% transparent there is some condescension in there too, sometimes I just can’t help myself)

So the point to this story is this… in business sometimes people just aren’t going to be happy.

And in this review sites, cancel culture we live in it can be scary when it happens

But you can’t let it get you down, and you can’t let it cause you to make things worse.

Respond with compassion, empathy, and helpfulness, and for the onlookers make your case as best as you can (some people say to offer them a discount or help or something… I disagree with this. It ruins the integrity of the review… it also means you will be at that person’s mercy going forward).

Have you ever gotten a bad review? How did you respond? What could you have done better?

Let me know if the Profiit Academy Daily Facebook Group.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Chris M. Walker
A serial Internet Entrepreneur who is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs globally to reach new heights through the power of shared knowledge, community, and operating with integrity.

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