Do you need to be the best?

Do you need to be the best?

Good Evening,

Do you feel that you should be the best at what you do?

I struggle with this.

On one hand I and my customers/clients deserve me to be the absolute best.

If I am not giving them the best, why should they work with me?

On the other hand, striving to be the best means you have to constantly compare yourself to others… which means you aren’t focusing on your customers.

Do you need to be the best?
The happy medium is to do the best that you can do and measure yourself against your past self.

That’s probably the most healthy approach.

Really looking for feedback here… do you want to be/have the best? Are you happy to do your best?

Really looking for feedback here so let me know if the Profiit Academy Daily Facebook group.

Talk to you tomorrow. We will do some tactics!