Good Evening,

I hope everyone is enjoying the last fragments of their weekend. Today’s dispatch is going to be a hybrid “theory” lesson and a tactic that hopefully some of you can use.

Its important I think to get as much as you can out of everything you can.

So for example, on Legiit we have needed some additional help desk videos made for a little while now.

I usually have someone else make them but I didn’t have a lot on my calendar today so I decided to bang them out myself.

I have also noticed that some of them actually rank in Google for a few terms, which makes sense because they are getting some power from the Freshdesk domain, and they are an article just like anything else so if you optimize them properly they should rank… so if you offer support on any of your sites take advantage of this… help desk articles are basically “How To” articles.


Until now I had used Vimeo for the videos but it occurred to me that I could also rank the videos if I put them on YouTube (Vimeo videos just DO NOT rank) so I uploaded them to YouTube instead.

And they ranked pretty quickly for stuff like “Send A Message On Legiit” and similar terms by simply optimizing the file, title, and description.

Now I realize those don’t get any search volume… but you never know what someone will stumble on; if it gets us one customer ever that is an ROI, especially when you consider it needed to be done anyway. That’s pure Profiit.

It has me reevaluating my other resources to see what I am not squeezing all the juice out of.

Take a look around your business; what else could you be leveraging more? What other fruit could you be squeezing more juice out of?

Find something then let me know about it in the Profiit Academy Facebook Group.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Chris M. Walker
A serial Internet Entrepreneur who is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs globally to reach new heights through the power of shared knowledge, community, and operating with integrity.

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