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Tonight’s topic is from a suggestion by Profiit Academy Daily member Keith Hawkins… suggesting a topic so I don’t have to think of one, it’s God’s work you’re doing!

The Topic: Tools I Use.

I will try to break this up into categories a little bit. I will also not include stuff like Google sheets, or Microsoft Outlook/Excel since that’s basically a given.

I am also almost certainly going to forget some.

SEO Tools: – This is one is my brain child and was developed by the incredible Jim Sabellico and his team. This is an on page competition analysis tool that gives you the nuts and bolts you need to tweak a page and optimize it for SEO ranking.

Ahrefs – I use this mostly for link analysis and rankings discovery. Its very good at those 2 things… most of its other features are meh.

Majestic SEO – Probably my favorite link analysis tool. I find its metrics to be the most reliable for RD and its in house metrics (TF/CF)

BuzzSumo – I am not actually subscribed to this right now, but for content research, brand monitoring and lots of other features this just can not be beaten.

Register Compass – This is how I find PBN domains

Scrapebox – I use this for so many things I couldn’t possibly list them all, but I will just say that it is the most reliable bulk index checker.

Pro Rank Tracker – This is what I track Google rankings with.

Clicky – I prefer this to Google Analytics

The Utility Belt

Marketing Tools:

Active Campaign – I am typing this in Active Campaign as we speak. I have used all the major auto responders and this is by far my favorite. Handles ALL my email for all my businesses.

Later – My colleague (basically assistant but I don’t like that term) schedules most of your social media with this. We were using AgoraPulse previously, and it is a more robust tool, but Later is nearly as functional for about 10% the cost.

LiveLeap – This syndicates my videos from one place to many places, mostly on Facebook

Clickfunnels – I just heard the SEOs reading this cry LOL… but for popping out a 2-3 page funnel this is just too good not to use.

Kajabi – This is where all my courses are managed. It does a lot of marketing too.

TubeBuddy – This does so much stuff for my YouTube videos that I can’t even remember everything it does and YouTube looks weird without it.

Camtasia – This is how I edit videos

Business Tools:

FreedCamp – This is how I keep my tasks… both day to day, and big picture. My colleague and I keep this up together and it has been a game changer.

Slack – Amazing tool. Not just for communicating with people all over the world, but file management, organizing etc.. just amazing

Zoom – This is how I do my consulting calls and team meetings

As I said I am sure I have forgotten some but these are the core ones.

What tools do you use?

Talk to you tomorrow.


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