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There is an old marketing joke about a dog food company that goes like this.

There was a dog food company that was having trouble, so the CEO hired:

  • A top animal nutritionist
  • A brilliant packaging guru
  • A superb marketing team
However it didn’t work. When nothing moved the needle the CEO hired a consultant to find out why.

(Editors note: presumably not one of those asshat consultants that send you automated messages on LinkedIn every day)

When the consultant reported back the CEO said “I have all these great people, so what’s wrong?”

The consultant meekly said: “The dogs won’t eat the product.”

The joke/lesson here is that no matter how great your marketing is, if the product sucks, its not going to work.

Dog Food
Unfortunately this is a bit of a disease in the internet marketing community that has always bothered me.

There are literally people that teach “The product doesn’t matter if the marketing is good”

For example:

This is just one example.

That is absolutely asinine to me (and surprising coming from him since he has some good products)

If someone is giving you their money you have an obligation to them to give them the best product that you possible can and saying the product doesn’t matter is incredibly disrespectful to them.

Further it isn’t going to work long term.

For example there is a reason that Myspace (basically) didn’t make it and Facebook did… it was a better product that better fit what people wanted (among other issues of course).

In the end, nothing else matters if your product sucks, eventually people will stop buying it.

Now to be clear marketing matters too.

If you have the best product in the world and no one knows about it, it won’t matter.

I wrote a blog post on this a while back if you want to check that out.

So whatever it is you are asking people to give you money on, make sure you are doing everything in your power to make it the best possible product you can.

Your customers deserve it, your reputation deserves it, and you can’t Profiit without it long term.

So make sure they will eat the dog food. ?

Talk to you tomorrow when we wrap up the Profiit Academy Daily for the decade!


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